On May 10th the Fonix Final 2014 (an English Competition) was held in Palma.

Bernat Pol (2nd ESO) and Pau Serra (3rd ESO) got to the Final Stage, there were students from all the Balearic Islands. They both can be seen in the photo the day they took the exam.

Yesterday, May 19th, the results were published and we, very proudly, can say that Bernat Pol was awarded with the 4th prize and Pau Serra with the 6th prize of all the Baleric Islands .  The ceremony of prizes and diplomas will take place next Friday 30th.

Congratulations for both of them!!!!!

“It was a great challange to take part in the competition and I feel very proud of having achieved the final stage”, Pau Serra said after knowing the results.

“The teachers in the exams were very nice to us. I felt a bit nervous in the oral test, all in all I am happy with the experience and the prize.” Bernat said.

Pilar Agustí, departament d’anglès