On 30th October 2012 our 4th ESO and 1st Batxillerat students saw an absolutely fresh version of the classical “The Merchant of Venice” at the school’s theatre.
Would William Shakespeare recognise his work within this terribly modern adaptation? Yes, indeed! The essentials were there. Yet, instead of getting a big group of professional actors, the company was just composed of 2 of them plus 4 volunteers from the teenage audience,  eager to take part in this attractive show.
This hilarious approach to “The Merchant of Venice” made of a mix of music, dance and original bits of the script made Joan Alcover high school students get in touch with the spirit of William Shakespeare.

Dídac Boïgues, departament d’anglès

Fitxa tècnica

Companyia: Oxford Pocket Theatre

Títol: The Merchant of Venice

Representat a la sala d’actes el 6 de desembre de 2012